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Work Packages

RealValue aims to demonstrate how local small-scale energy storage, optimised with advanced ICT, could bring benefits to market participants throughout EU. Smart Electric Thermal Storage (SETS) will be deployed in physical demonstration trials in 1250 homes in Germany, Latvia and Ireland but the analysis will also consider other storage technologies and energy vectors, including integration with district heating and micro-generation.

SETS is a direct replacement for existing electric thermal storage heaters and water tanks with a combined load of 55GW across the EU. It can also replace direct electric resistance heaters with further connected load of 93GW. To validate the physical demonstrations at large scale RealValue will use modelling & virtual simulation to demonstrate the technical and commercial potential in millions of homes across representative EU regions.

Thorough research studies are an integral part of RealValue and will include techno-economic and behavioural analysis that will be used to inform EU regulation and policy decision makers.

RealValue will develop business models which quantify the potential of small-scale storage as an aggregated controllable load. It will provide system services or release value through price arbitrage within existing energy market structures, and highlight any barriers associated with integration into the electricity grid.

WP1 objectives

The overall objective of WP1 is to ensure a coordinated, focussed and successful implementation of the project in line with the Project Plan. Accordingly, WP1 interacts with all of the other Work Packages and is the interface between the project and the EC. The objectives of WP1 are:

  • To direct and coordinate all project activities to guarantee the fulfilment of project deliverables.
  • To monitor the financial, administrative and technical components of the project.
  • To coordinate and deliver project meetings, Periodic Reports and the Final Report.
  • To communicate effectively with consortium members, ensuring cooperation and consensus.
  • To assure a high quality of project outcomes, identifying and managing potential risks.
  • To manage knowledge and information effectively while protecting IPR appropriately.

WP2 objectives

The overall objectives of WP2 are to:

  • Design, integrate and demonstrate lead user endorsed, scalable, end to end Aggregator systems for deployment within three European countries; Germany, Latvia, Ireland*.
  • Implement cost effective metering solutions and performance monitoring tools to support data collection; maintain data integrity and facilitate settlement/billing activity.
  • Develop an emulator platform which allows testing of Aggregator system responses under varying market conditions with the overall aim of informing both RealValue research activity and market development.

* We anticipate that 50 of these homes will be within Northern Ireland.

WP3 objectives

The overall objective of WP 3 is to extrapolate the physical demonstrations in 1,250 Irish, German and Latvian homes to a much broader future European energy system context:

  • Desktop modelling – flexibly investigate the contribution of smart local small-scale thermal storage at a much greater scale of penetration in the co-optimised electricity systems of the future, and generalise to other specific European case studies (e.g. Netherlands, UK, France etc).
  • Modelling techniques to support the physical demonstrations in 1,250 homes in Ireland, Germany and Latvia. Devising innovative virtual demonstration experiments to simulate performance of the RealValue tools/algorithms/systems in many alternative scenarios.

WP4 objectives

To identify and recruit a minimum of 1,250 electrically heated households within Ireland (target 800 homes), Germany (target 400 homes) and Latvia (target 50 homes) to participate in a physical trial aimed at demonstrating and validating the RealValue principles.

To install and commission, demand side management enabling measures in participant households to facilitate RealValue demonstration activity (see WP5).

WP5 objectives

To use the systems developed during WP2, Communication and Aggregation Technology and deployed during WP4, Customer Engagement & Deployment to develop a replicable aggregator service and demonstrate its value in use.

  • To interpret data to validate the simulation code and assess overall customer acceptance.

WP6 objectives

To provide an in-depth analysis of the potential European market for local small-scale energy storage as one class of technologies that can provide local and system-wide grid services, taking into account also the value of aggregation of household-level flexibility.

To identify key policy and regulatory requirements for the integration and commercialisation of local small-scale energy storage concepts.

WP7 objectives

  • Ensuring Dissemination of results- starting dissemination early increases its impact and enhances exploitation opportunities. Providing stakeholders with advance notice of how the introduction of controllable energy demand will deliver value across the energy supply chain.
  • Exploitation of RealValue results - during the project to all relevant stakeholders to build awareness of the results and maximise the commercial potential of the project. The objective of this plan is to lay down the foundations for effective external communication to interested stakeholders.
  • Development of a Business plan - to maximise the impact for future developments within the energy market based on the results from RealValue. The plan will outline key market design recommendations and market entry strategies, based on an alignment of the interests of all parties within the consortium and relevant stakeholders.

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