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Unlocking European Energy Potential

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Energy storage within peoples homes

RealValue is a game-changing €15.5m energy storage project funded by Horizon 2020, the largest Research and Innovation programme in Europe (€12M EC funding). RealValue commenced in June 2015 and involves installing thousands of Smart Electric Thermal Storage Systems (SETS) into 1250 homes across Ireland, Germany and Latvia.

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Demand-side management allows energy users of all kinds to act as “virtual power plants.”

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Unlocking Energy Potential

The small scale energy storage technology deployed in the RealValue project is Smart Electrical Thermal Storage (SETS). This technology has been developed to meet householders’ space and water heating needs in a low cost and energy efficient manner while also enabling the electricity industry to exploit its energy storage capacity.

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Truly Unique Consortium

RealValue represents the entire electricity supply chain and has secured key expertise from various specialisms including; industry, energy services, network and research organisations. The consortium include partners from Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia and Finland.

RealValue will demonstrate, through the deployment of Smart Electric Thermal Storage (SETS) technology in 1,250 homes in Ireland, Germany and Latvia how it can provide value and benefits to the whole electricity supply chain.


Getting the Balance Right

RealValue researchers from the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford have just released an in-depth ‘consumer impact study’ entitled ‘Getting…

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