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Trials In Ireland/UK

Participants in Ireland/UK

In the energy world we have a problem; we must supply the energy people and businesses need and want in a secure and reliable way BUT energy must be affordable and we want to increase the amount of energy coming from renewable sources. These issues are all connected and finding solutions is complicated - a solution for one might actually have a negative impact on the others. This trial has been designed to cause minimum stress. Your home is your sanctuary, so we’re here to help ensure that it will be a positive experience - one that leaves you feeling calm, cosy, and totally in harmony with the heating system at the heart of your home.

Q: Who are the consortium members?

The RealValue consortium is a unique collaboration between public, private and academic institutions. It represents each stage of the Irish energy industry – transmission, distribution, generation and supply – while also embracing leaders in the technology sector and academic organisations. Its members are: EirGrid, ESB Networks, SSE Airtricity, Glen Dimplex, Intel®, Oxford University and the ERC (Electricity Research Centre).

Q: How long is the trial?

The trial runs until June 2018.

Q: Will my comfort levels be affected?

No. The trial won’t require any changes in your behaviour or lifestyle. Comfort levels will remain just as they were before the trial. You still have complete control over your heat and hot water – you still get exactly what you want, when you want it. The trial is concerned with when the energy is consumed to deliver your heat. We start with your requirements – the level of heat (and where applicable hot water) you want from your Electric Storage heating system and when it will be needed. This reveals how much energy is required overall and how it should be delivered. So, if you’re home earlier than usual; if it’s a particularly cold day; or you’re going away on holidays, you can still turn the heating on and off in the usual way.

Q: Will there be any electrical modifications?

There may be minor modifications required to the electrical fixed wiring. The initial property survey determines the level of modifications (if any), required. We will explain the work in advance of anything being done - and all work is carried out by fully certified technicians.

Q: Will you have to visit my home during the trial?

Following the installation and commissioning, we may need to visit during the trial. If this arises we will always call in advance to arrange a convenient time.

Q: Can I drop out of the trial?

You are free to opt out of the trial at any time but you will lose your trial reward payments and we will remove the non-heating equipment. Should you leave SSE Airtricity as your electricity supplier you may be subject to a termination fee.

Q: What happens at the end of the trial?

At the end of the trial we will arrange a visit to decommission and remove the smart hub, communication and control equipment.

Q: Do I need to inform my landlord?

No, if you are a tenant we can inform your Landlord for you – simply let us know and we will contact your Landlord and get the required consent. In some instances, if you are a tenant of a local authority or housing association, we may already have received consent to contact you to invite you to participate in the trial.

Q: Anything else that I should know?

ESB Networks install your new meter. If your meter is external you won’t even need to be there.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions or need some help? What if I have problems with the equipment during the trial?

You can contact us at: or call us on LoCall 1850 247329. If we can’t resolve your query online or over the phone, we will be happy to provide expert onsite support through our experienced field service engineers.

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